Children are naturally motivated to play. NOAHIMALS builds on this motivation, using it as a context for learning.

ParSon (Parental Control MDM)

Parental control MDM Reclaim your family time ParSon helps parents to take control of the child’s Apple/Android mobile devices on WiFi and cellular networks. You can LOCK apps, BLOCK inappropriate sites and set TIME LOCK on screen time with just a couple of clicks. ParSon aims to assists parents to foster kids with good behaviour and balanced school-leisure time. Any devices installed with eSchoolPad( ESP ), HKTE MDM and eClass MDM can also enjoy this service if the schools subscribed…

poard (Tool of presentation and eLearning)

Collaboration, Share, Conference and Learning at a distance Interact, teach and grab your audients attention by instant interaction with POARD! Nothing to install. Only one Session Code is needed. or Send us email for more informations:

ESP (MDM for Education)

ESP 2.0 Best MDM Platform For Education ESP 2.0(eschoolPad) is the best Mobile Device Management (MDM) product for schools and parents by merging mobile device solution, learning management solution, mobile application management (MAM) and parent app into a single unique platform. eSchoolPad is also an innovatice solution that enable schools to embrace mobile and cloud soultions to drive eLearning efficiency and students’ growth. Using our ESP 2.0(eSchoolPad) alongside Apple Classroom app gives you even more possibilities for learning at every…

Parent MDM

Parent MDM Kid’s App SHOW / HIDE Rights On Your Phone Parent MDM helps parents to take control of the MDM devices at home. Any devices installed with eSchoolPad, HKTE MDM and eClass MDM can enjoy this service if the schools subscribed the parent control services. With Parent MDM, parents can manage all the apps in kid’s device which can assists parents to foster kids with good behavior and balanced school-leisure time.

Video Lesson System

Video Lesson System High Value Platform For Education Video Lesson System is a tailored-made solution for one of the biggest tutorial SYSTEM institution in Hong Kong. The solution makes video management simple and easy. FEATURES VLS provides a full video lifecycle management. Starts from video ingession, content management to content delivery. The system can either be hosted in the cloud or an in-house facility. It supports variable bitrates from 480p to 1080p HD video.   MANAGEMENT FOR VIDEO LIFECYCLE Import…