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Avrio MDM

Security Solution for Managing Mobile Devices Avrio MDM helps minimise the complexity of SME owners and IT departments in keeping the corporate-owned devices and corporate information secure, by offering management capabilities. The management console is a 100% cloud-based service, where on-premises deployment is also available. https://avriomdm.com  

Parent MDM

Parent MDM helps parents to take control of the MDM devices at home. Any devices installed with eSchoolPad(ESP), HKTE MDM and eClass MDM can enjoy this service if the schools subscribed the parent control services. With Parent MDM, parents can manage all the apps in kid’s device which can assists parents to foster kids with good behavior and balanced school-leisure time. http://www.eschoolpad.com/parent-mdm/


eSchoolPad(ESP) is the best Mobile Device Management (MDM) product for schools and parents by merging mobile device solution, learning management solution, mobile application management (MAM) and parent app into a single unique platform. eSchoolPad(ESP) is also an innovative solution that enable schools to embrace mobile and cloud solutions to drive eLearning efficiency and students’ growth. http://www.eschoolpad.com